3D Printing Policies

  • The 3D printer and 3D Digitizer are restricted to use by Mark Twain Library cardholders 12 years of age or older. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or supervised by a staff member by appointment.
  • Individuals wishing to use the 3D printer for personal reasons are required to go through prescribed, scheduled training by library staff or volunteers.
  • Users of the 3D printer are responsible for their own safety and must sign a Liability Waiver before their first use of the printer.
  • Mark Twain Library cardholders can reserve time on the 3D printer and related equipment during available hours and subject to availability and space considerations.
  • Print projects are restricted to 2 hours. (Users can inquire about extended usage to be reviewed by the Library Director.)
  • Print projects must be completed by Library closing.
  • Currently, there is no charge to Mark Twain Library cardholders for use of the 3D printer and related equipment, but it is anticipated that a fee may be charged in the future to cover the cost of materials and other expenses. Donations to cover on-going costs are always welcome.
  • Mark Twain Library cannot be responsible for content, accuracy, or completeness of the nature of information found on the Internet, nor be responsible for the use of the Internet by its patrons.
  • Individuals may not use the equipment for any inappropriate or unlawful activity including the use of material protected by intellectual property laws. Equipment cannot be used to create items that can be construed as unsafe, harmful, dangerous, offensive, illegal or posing an immediate threat to the well-being of others or that are otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment.
  • Mark Twain Library reserves the right to refuse any request to use the 3D printer or related equipment.
  • Mark Twain Library is not responsible for equipment, 3D prints, or files left behind. To ensure privacy, it is the responsibility of individuals to delete and/or remove any of their digital files from library equipment. To save files, users must provide their own external storage device or media.
  • Any work saved on the Library’s computers will be deleted at the end of the day and cannot be recovered.
  • Users will be held responsible for any equipment that is determined to be permanently damaged due to their negligence or for any equipment that is removed from the library and will be subject to charges to repair or replace the item(s).

Reviewed and accepted 1/11/2016