Library Use and Code of Conduct

Honoring the vision and legacy of its founder, the Mark Twain Library offers the Redding community a center for intellectual, educational, social and cultural enrichment, providing a wide variety of materials, resources, and programs of all ages. (Mission Statement adopted 1/11/2010)

Statement of Purpose

The Mark Twain Library Board of Trustees has established this Library Use and Code of Conduct in order to protect all library users’ right of access to library facilities, to ensure the safety of patrons and staff, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage. The Library Board of Trustees subscribes to Article IV of the Library Bill of Rights, which states that facilities should be made available to the public served by the library on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

No distractions or disturbances

  1. Conversation and activity shall be kept at a level that will not disturb others.
  2. Users of cell phones or other mobile communication devices shall set their devices to vibrate or lower the volume of the ring when they enter the library. Calls shall be made in the front lobby; calls received shall be continued in the front lobby.
  3. All library users should respect the rights of others, and not harass or annoy, or behave in a manner that reasonably can be expected to disturb others.
  4. Ball games and skate boarding are not permitted in the parking lot.
  5. Rollers skates, skateboards, or bicycles are not permitted in the library.


  1. Appropriate attire is required, including shirts and shoes.

  2. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the library building at any time.

  3. Library users shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the premises of the library. The premises include the library, the parking lot, and the land around it.

  4. Loitering is not permitted in or around the library.

  5. Sleeping is prohibited in the library.

  6. Prior approval is required to take photographs, video recordings or audio recordings in the library.

  7. Users shall not bring pets or other animals into the library, other than licensed assistance or therapy dogs

Food and drink

  1. Only coffee or tea purchased at the library or water may be consumed on the Library premises except during library programs or as agreed by the Library Director. A water fountain is available.
  2. Do not litter; use appropriate containers to dispose of garbage.

Children and Teens Children and Teens are welcomed and encouraged to use the Mark Twain Library. In order to maintain a safe environment for them the following guidelines are in place:

  1. Parents and guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times while their children are on the library premises.
  2. If a young child is disruptive, and cannot be quieted or calmed, the parent or guardian may be directed to remove the child from the library until the problem is resolved.
  3. Library staff cannot be expected to assume responsibility for the care of unsupervised children. Children under the age of twelve should not be left unsupervised in accordance with Connecticut General Statute 53-21a.
  4. Parents and guardians shall be aware of library opening and closing times, and make arrangements to meet and transport children home.
  5. Children in the library at closing time will be directed to call their parent or guardian from the library’s phone. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, the police will be contacted as staff deems necessary for the child’s safety. In no case, will a child be transported home by a staff member.
  6. The library is not responsible for children or teens outside the building.

Proper Use of Library Facilities and Resources.

  1. All materials removed from the library must be checked out on a valid library card. Each library cardholder is solely responsible for material checked out on his/her card. Library privileges may be suspended or revoked until financial obligations are met.
  2. Library property shall be respected by not defacing or damaging it.
  3. Library furniture shall be used appropriately. Users are requested to keep their feet off the furniture.
  4. Library equipment shall be used appropriately. Library staff members may request that users discontinue using equipment if abuse of the equipment is noted or if users are abusing guidelines governing the use of the equipment.

No Solicitation

Solicitation (other than library-related) is not allowed in the library. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Solicitation of signatures on petitions
  • Sales of services or materials
  • Recruitment for employment or other services
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Requests for donations or receptacles for donations
  • Requests for money or other personal assistance

Any person not abiding by these and other library rules and regulations may be required to leave the library premises.

The provisions of this Library Use Policy will be construed and enforced by the Library Director at his or her discretion. All decisions, determinations and actions taken by the Library Director with respect to this library Use Policy are final and not subject to review. The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend the Library Use Policy at any time.

Adopted 2/8/201 by the Library Board of Directors

Adopted with revisions 10/11/11 by the Library Board of Directors