Volunteer Use Policy

Mission Statement

Honoring the vision and legacy of its founder, the Mark Twain Library offers the Redding community a center for intellectual, educational, social and cultural enrichment, providing a wide variety of materials, resources, and programs of all ages. (Mission Statement adopted 1/11/2010)

Statement of Purpose

The services performed by Mark Twain Library volunteers both supplement board and staff efforts to fulfill the library’s mission and engage the local community. Our volunteers perform many roles and are appreciated for all the many services they provide.

Selection of Volunteers

There are many ways for a community member to become involved as a volunteer with the Mark Twain Library. Volunteers may be recruited or selected based on their qualifications to fulfill a particular service or committee role or recruited to help perform one of many needed duties for a fundraising activity.

Role of Volunteers

Volunteers generally fall into one of three general types:

Library Services Volunteers

The library engages volunteers who are willing and able to commit themselves to supporting the staff in a regular, ongoing manner. They support ongoing daily activities and functions of the library. These volunteers may be referred by the Volunteer Coordinator (Board Member) or directly apply to the Library. These volunteers work under the direction of the Library Director or a staff member assigned by the Director. Examples of work performed include covering books and shelf reading. Activities will be assigned that best meet the needs of the library and match the volunteer’s interests.

Association Volunteers – Ongoing Committees

Association Volunteers have an expressed interest in supporting a particular Mark Twain Library Association committee or function. Volunteers may be formally or informally referred to a committee chair and work under the chair’s direction.

Association Volunteers – Fundraising Activities

Fundraising events at the Library rely very heavily on a large number of volunteers to perform many roles. Depending on the needs, these volunteers may be referred to a fundraising activity chairman by the Volunteer Coordinator, or sign up to volunteer through a variety of channels including filling out a volunteer form online or at the Library.

Training and Supervision

Library Service Volunteers

These volunteers will receive training and be supervised by the Library Director or assigned staff members. Volunteers can expect informal evaluation of their efforts and formal recognition of their contribution on a regular yearly basis.

Association Volunteers

Association Volunteers will receive orientation and instruction on the duties they are expected to perform from the appropriate committee chair or committee member. Their service contribution will be recognized by the committee chair and the by the Association itself.

Work Schedules

Work schedules and specific time commitments will be arranged individually by each volunteer and his supervisor, committee chair or activity coordinator. Volunteers will receive adequate resources and supervision to perform their duties.

Grievance Procedure

Volunteers with concerns regarding their duties should bring them to either the Volunteer Coordinator or Library Director, as appropriate to their situation. They will work toward resolving the concern by redefining the volunteer’s role at the library or assignment of different duties. In some cases, the grievance procedure can’t be resolved in a manner satisfactory to both the library and the volunteer. The volunteer may choose to resign as a volunteer. Or, the Library Volunteer Coordinator may ask a volunteer to resign or perform a different role if he or she is not adhering to the high service standards of the library. In either case, the dignity of the volunteer will be preserved.

Community Service Volunteers

Individuals who seek a specific number of volunteer hours to meet a requirement by an outside agency or organization for the performance of community service are subject to all the provisions of this policy.

Reimbursement of Volunteer Expenses

Volunteers are not reimbursed for incidental expenses (such as transportation to and from the library or its events) related to their service to the library. A volunteers may request reimbursement for previously approved expenses in writing and include all receipts or proof of expense. Expenses will be reviewed by the Library Director. All reimbursements will be in the form of a check to the volunteer.

Adopted by the Mark Twain Library Board of Trustees October 11, 2011