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Loyalists & Patriots: Religion and the Revolution

HomeLoyalists & Patriots: Religion and the Revolution

Saturday, November 4

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Register Below. This program will be held at the First Church of Christ, Congregational. 
During the Revolution, church membership often signaled a person’s loyalties — to an emerging United States or to England, the mother country of the colonies. Sam Meeker’s family belonged to the church across from their tavern in Redding Ridge, today’s Christ Church Parish. What did the family’s affiliation with that church signal to other colonists?  Town Historian Charley Couch and the pastors of Redding’s two oldest parishes discuss the role of religion during the Revolution and the early church history of Redding. With The Rev. Marilyn Anderson, rector of Christ Church Parish and The Rev. Dr. Dean Ahlberg, senior minister of First Church of Christ, Congregational. Reception follows. Co-sponsored by the Redding Historical Society.

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