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What Is Fake News? (Part One)

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Wednesday, March 7

7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Register For Part One Below. If all news is fake, how do we know what is real? Fake, misleading or inaccurate information disguised as news is not a new phenomenon. What is new: Anyone with a smartphone and wifi connection can create and perpetuate content. This two-part seminar will equip us to become media savvy. Part One will examine the habits of fact-checkers and the impact of filter bubbles, as well as the tools we can use in order to be productive participants in online and in-person discourse. The discussion will focus on what we can do to nurture media literacy. Part Two, on March 21, will examine the evolution of the news industry and its effect on our media consumption. Part Two will also cover the challenges faced in the newsroom today and look at what’s being done to cultivate sophisticated news consumers at the higher education level. 

Part One Presenters:

Jackie Whiting: Google Certified Innovator focused on medial literacy, and an educator with 25 years experience in public high schools in Connecticut 
Janine Johnson: Library media specialist at Scotts Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield, CT

Please bring a laptop or tablet for breakout sessions.