Stormfield Society

The Stormfield Society was founded to recognize those who, like Mark Twain, have made plans for a legacy gift to The Mark Twain Library. The Stormfield Society welcomes those who would like to contribute to the Mark Twain Library through their estate plans. 

A gift to the Mark Twain Library is a gift to everyone… to people of any age, of any circumstance. Mark Twain knew that. He embraced that. His legacy gift was the Mark Twain Library. Members of The Stormfield Society follow in Twain’s footsteps in securing the financial health of Redding’s library for future generations.

Our Director would be happy to speak with you about The Stormfield Society, please contact Beth via email. If the library is already in your estate plan, please let us know so we recognize you as member of the Stormfield Society. For more information please contact Library Director, Beth Dominianni.