Internet and Public Computer Policy

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  1. PHILOSOPHY OF USE Honoring the vision and legacy of its founder, the Mark Twain Library offers the Redding community a center for intellectual, educational, social and cultural enrichment, providing a wide variety of materials, resources, and programs of all ages. (Mission Statement adopted 1/11/2010)
  2. The Mark Twain Library recognizes the Internet as a constantly changing powerful social tool providing access to a wealth of information beyond the library’s own collection. Staff will try to answer general questions about the Internet and offer suggestions for effective searching. Users may search the Internet only on computers designated for public use or on their own personal computer. In accordance with the American Library Association’s resolution on Internet filters, the Mark Twain Library does not block access to the Internet. Access to the Internet is available at public computers and through the library’s wireless networks. Two dedicated children’s computers offer some safeguards. Parents may ask to have these filters turned off for their child’s use. We strongly support the right of each person to monitor his or her own Internet use; and we firmly believe that each parent has the right and the responsibility to be aware of his or her own child’s use of the Internet. The library will not restrict a child’s access to a computer or the Internet. We expect that courtesy and respect for the rights of others will be honored by all users of the Mark Twain Library’s Internet capabilities.
    1. In offering Internet access, the Mark Twain Library assumes responsibility only for the information provided on its website. The Mark Twain Library does not monitor or have control over information that can be accessed through the Internet. Although many valuable local, national, and international sources are available on the Internet, not all sources are accurate, complete, current, or appropriate for all users.
    2. Individuals are responsible for the Internet sites they choose to access. The parents, guardians, or caregivers of children under 12 are responsible for sites accessible to those children.
    3. Computers with Internet access are available on a first-come, first-served basis to Mark Twain Library users. The Library reserves the right to institute time limit restrictions at any time.
    4. Computer users must follow the Library’s approved policies, guidelines, and procedures when using the Mark Twain Library computers. This includes:
      •  Respecting the privacy of others using these resources.
      • Using headphones as needed
      • Reporting problems with the computers or wireless use to staff and not attempting to fix the problem on their own
    5. Unacceptable use includes (but is not limited to):
      • Installation or downloading of software on the library’s public computers
      • Violation of Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).
      • Damaging or altering the hardware or software components of our networks or equipment
      • Sending, receiving or displaying of inappropriate material which may be reasonably construed as obscene
      • Using our computers for any illegal purpose

Adopted November 6, 2000 Mark Twain Library Board of Trustees Revised and adopted by the Mark Twain Library Board of Trustees on October 11, 2011