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The Mark Twain Library Small Business Circle (SBC) is a professional group of small business and home office professionals aimed at building reciprocal relationships, exchanging ideas and leads, and offering informative programs throughout the year.

We connect like-minded individuals who, by virtue of the rural nature of our community or by the nature of our work, might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet, network and get to know each other.

At the SBC you won’t just grab a business card and try to remember a name—you’ll get to know people. We’ve become a gathering place—a community water cooler for local businesses to develop strong local resources, expand business opportunities, and create personal and professional bonds.

We welcome all small business and home office professionals from Redding and our surrounding communities.

Join us! Membership is free.

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Upcoming Small Business Circle Programs

Programs and events are held throughout the year. Check back soon!